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I have come to the conclusion that the New Democratic Party “NDP”, is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation). The hiring of some 24 Lawyers to monitor a General Election tells me that you have no faith in our Democracy, but, more so that you are not an “Opposition Party” seeking to govern our Country. Most importantly, the monitoring of any “General Election” in a Democracy must be done not by any “Political Party” who are running in the Election. Also, there must exist strong evidence that such a monitoring is indeed necessary.

For example, the case in Burundi; The UN had to employ an Electoral Observation Mission in Burundi (MENUB) for the polls amidst July election that won Mr. Nkurunziza a controversial third term ensued by the Burundi President rigging the game, in which he change the Constitution to remove the “Term Limits”. The Opposition and civil society stated that this move was in violation of the constitution, and the Arusha peace agreement that ended the country’s deadly civil war just over 10 years ago. Also, Mr Nkurunziza (Burundi President) was seeking an “illegal third term”.

Thus, there must exist empirical evidence of some sort for reasons why the NDP think’s it necessary to hire 24 Lawyers to monitor our “General Elections”. Furthermore, the monitoring of any general elections in a democracy must be done by an “independent observer”. Often times, the task is rest upon the shoulders of the UN or even civil societies.

Throughout this entire campaign, the NDP have left us with more questions…view on [NDP Manifesto] and they’ve adopted the characteristics of an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), rather than an Opposition Party seeking Government. It is time to hold the NDP Opposition Leader “Accountable” for his many “non-responsiveness”, some of the NDP Political Candidates for their vile statements towards Women and desperate attempts to inject “Racism” into our “political culture”. Also, for the spreading of “Falsehoods” and the publication of  a “Contradictory and Unworkable” Manifesto that left the People of St Vincent and the Grenadines with more questions instead of solutions.

The language of the NDP manifesto is not only “contradictory and unworkable”, but, also lacks “Transparency”….view on [Anonymous International Investors].

Moreover, “Good Governance” not only means people in political office must be held “accountable”, but, also civil societies, private sectors and we the people must all account for our actions. The NDP supporters must be held be accountable for their disruptive behaviour on July.20.2014 (E.G Lynch Funeral) and for the total disregard in respect to “the rule of Law” (violation of our Christian Tradition). We must all uphold the “Rule of Law”.

Also, the NDP Leader and his associates must be held “accountable” for the email sent to the relevant Human Rights body by Mr. Ramos, in regards to his erroneous claims about the ULP Government grave violation of Human Rights. On this matter, there have been little to no “response” from the NDP camp. However, Article (13) of the ICESCR (1966) which speaks of the right to Education has been fully respected via the ULP Government passing of the Education Revolution Act of 2005. Thus, making education at all levels not only “universal”, but, making it both “Equal and Equitable”. In other words, persons no longer just have “equal” access to Education, but, equitable access (they can afford to go to school). Moreover, it was just last year the NDP had a rally in Kingstown in which the ULP Government did not in any way circumscribe any of the NDP members fundamental Human Rights (article 20 of the UDHR, 1948).

I know the “naysayers” and the “Negative Ad Peddlers” are going to say that I am not applying “Critical Thinking” or that I am kissing up to the Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. However, if you’ve noticed, I present my FACTS and urge people to engage me in an erudite discussion on policies and issues, but, instead they resort to “personal attacks, name callings” and spreading falsehoods.

But, yet I am the one that is not employing “Critical Thinking”. Because I support the #ULP Government I am not “Thinking Critically”. I am not challenging conventional wisdom because I refuse to be trapped in “Traditional Political Imprisonment” – I support Herman Belmer to be the next Representative for the Northern Grenadines. Because I have witness first-hand the benefits of the “Education Revolution”, the fact that the Argyle International Airport will attract more Trade and Investments to our country – I am not “thinking critically”. Moreover, indigent poor under the NDP Government sat at 25.7%, but, at present it sits at 2.9% under the ULP Government. No! Emmanuel Quashie you are not being “Objective”………

14 National Scholarships, College Students with B+ and above continues to receive $500, YES Program continues and many more.

In 2013, the ULP Government responded with a “Housing Revolution” initiative that saw so many persons receive Houses that they’ve lost ensued by the December 2013 flooding and have since broaden the initiative to include members of society who are at a disadvantage either economically, physically and mentally.

On that note; we’ve seen a society that is more inclusive and a government whose policies promotes “Equity and Inclusiveness”. President Barack Obama said at the recent Panama Summit (2015) in addressing “Civil Societies” that; “We know that economies attract more Trade and Investments when citizens are free to start a new business without paying a bribe”. We’ve noticed this under the ULP Government lead by Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. For instance, “St Vincent and the Grenadines FDI (Foreign Direct investment) sat at $34 million USD in 2002, but, FDI sits at $115.4 Million USD as of 2012” (CARICOM; FDI 2002 -2013 Report, 2014).

St Vincent and the Grenadines as a SIDS (Small Island Developing States), comes with a range of “Vulnerabilities”. Our small size makes it difficult for us to have a “wider tax space” and consumer base, thus, we will need to depend on external markets envisage substantial economic growth. The Argyle International Airport is a vital infrastructure that will see increase in areas of Trade, Investments and Tourism. Moreover, we’ve seen Min. Foreign Affairs et al Camillo MIchael Gonsalves embarked on a mission that will see Vincentians with less travel restrictions (Visa Free to 26 Countries in the Schengen Zone).

Also, our vulnerabilities are exacerbated by “exogenous shocks” such as; “Financial shocks” and the 2008 Global Financial crisis negatively impacted countries economy around the globe. However, Small Island Developing States were amongst the economies that suffered the most from the global financial crisis. For instance, in countries like St Lucia and the Bahamas saw approximately 1000 in job cuts and Barbados cut over 3000 jobs. Meanwhile, there were no job cuts in St Vincent and the Grenadines, neither a decrease in spending on public assistance geared at helping the “most vulnerable” of the population to get that chance at a better life.

To add insult to injury, SIDS geographical location makes them vulnerable to “climate shocks” amid they are at the forefront of global warming. For instance, St Vincent and the Grenadines in the last 4 years had the following; a drought causing 11% damage to GDP (mainly to agriculture), Hurricane Tomas 13% damage to GDP, December 2013 Flood resulted in 10% damage to GDP and most recent flood estimated at 17% damage to GDP. Thus, such major hits to GDP ensued by “climate shocks” are not trivial concerns, but, the NDP has no “Climate Change” agenda. On the other hand, under the ULP Government, St Vincent and the Grenadines have adopted numerous Climate Change initiatives such as; a $10 million investment plan under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience. In the Northern Grenadines, the installation of a seawater reverse osmosis plant in 2010 envisaged providing potable water to the residents of Bequia in times of “drought”.


The ULP Team is endowed with a Visionary Leader (International Airport, Education Revolution, etc.) and also Pragmatic Leaders (EU removed us from their Black List, Schengen Visa Free, etc.). Sometimes politics can seem very small, but, the choice you make on December 9th, it couldn’t be bigger.

#ULP2015 #4InaRow                                                                                                                          – Emmanuel Quashie


One thought on “Media Matters 2.0

  1. I am totally in agreement with you. They have no vision for the country. He built an airport and they was all against it. They are so backwards that they don’t even no that’s the engine that drives an economy. We need someone who could represent a country not a village. Every time the prime minister travel. The first thing comes to their minds is that he gone and beg.

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